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If you are on your healing and/or wellness journey, or on your pregnancy journey, and are looking to connect within and with your body - you have come to the right place!


No matter your circumstances, and whether you want to join me live online or practice in your own time - there is something for everyone.


 Ways to work with me currently include:

  • Online group Yoga classes (including Yin, Gentle Hatha and Bed yoga)

  • Online group Meditation sessions

  • In person Pregnancy yoga in Manchester, UK

  • 1:1 Yoga and Meditation sessions tailored to your needs

I also have an online self-paced programme called 'Yoga for Healing' as well as a YouTube channel with free yoga and meditation offerings.  


More information all of my different offerings can be found below.


Yin yoga

By holding postures passively, we tap into the more restorative qualities in the body, giving ourselves permission to find rest and heal.


Pregnancy yoga

A chance to soothe common pregnancy aches and pains, strengthen, as well as learn relaxation + breathing techniques to support you in your pregnancy, birth and beyond. 



Meditation and mindfulness sessions to support you in your healing and wellbeing.

From Yoga nidra, to breath-based practices to Movement meditations - there is something for everyone.

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Work with me 1:1

Looking for something tailored to your needs?

Specifically designed for you and your needs - a bespoke set-up where we would work together to enable you to use yoga as a healing tool to support you on your journey.

Get in touch here.


Gentle Hatha

We combine body movement with the breath, to connect within, and return to the present moment.


Yoga for Healing programme

A self-paced programme: 4 weeks of mindful movement, self-connection and space to rest.


In this programme, you will experience different styles of yoga so you can find what works for you, and add more tools to your healing toolbox.  

Free YouTube offerings

Looking to try before you buy? Or perhaps funds are a little tight at the moment? We have a number of different videos up on my YouTube channel.

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe - so that you can be instantly notified when new videos are released.

Here's one of our most popular yoga videos, enjoy!

Contact me 

Got a question or want to know more about my offerings? Get in touch using the form below.

Thank you!

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